10 Ways To Wear Luxurious And Comfortable Ballet Flat Shoes

Handmade Shoes are Strength

Hello everyone, handmade shoes are one of Mujro's strengths. If you are looking for ballet flats, loafers, Oxford shoes, or traditional handmade shoes that fit you like a glove, browse our store – we have them all.

Our expert shoemakers make each stitch by hand to guarantee the durability and comfort of the luxurious and comfortable ballet shoes. These handmade ballet flats shoes adapt centimeter by centimeter to your feet. If you want to opt for affordability that is linked to excellent quality, check online for our ballet flats. 

If you think it is necessary to buy high heels, you're very wrong. This spring, you can be fashionable without having to give up comfort because flat ballet shoes are back in fashion again. Learn how to combine them with style, right now!

There are days when walking about in heels is impossible: you have a very long day ahead, you're already tired, and you feet are not entirely comfortable. Luckily, our variety of ballet flats means that you can dress elegant without having to suffer from foot or back pain throughout the day. If you're wondering on how to combine ballet flats with your outfits, pay special attention to the tips below.

    1. Jeans and Military jacket

      Karlie Kloss is an expert in wearing ballet flats with style. This style is the most inspiring one. We have seen her wearing simple white ballet flats combined with ripped jeans, a military jacket, and a ruffle blouse. This look gives that feminine touch to your outfit. 

        2. Lace Dress

          Yes, it's not mandatory to wear heels to look super chic in a lace dress. Ditch this trend this summer! This season, women's black ballet flats combined with a beautiful lace dress achieve a 10 out of 10. Would you dare wear them?

            3.Leather Jacket

              Although it seems that this sort of attire calls for more rocker footwear, pairing a leather jacket with cute flats is a masterstroke.   

                4. Mini Dress

                  How about black ballet flats with a cute floral mini dress? We bet you'll look like Barbie. Add on chic accessories, and this is a very fashionable look.

                    5. With a Suit

                      If you're opting for a bold, geometric or floral print suit, it's ideal to combine it with women's black ballet flats. 

                        6. Total look White

                          A surprising trend is to wear a white dress with white ballet flats. This look is perfect for a date night. You can be comfortable without losing a bit of glamor.

                            7. Skinny, Straight or Bell-Shaped Pants

                              The best thing about ballet flats is that they can be worn with any style of pants. Skinny pants, leggings, straight or flared pants all look great with them as long as they stay above the ankles, of course.

                                8. Retro Air

                                  The two-tone shoes worn in the 1950s and 1960s are today's real gems. If you get a pair of them, combine them with skinny white jeans, a sailor shirt, and an oversized coat in the same color as the shoes for an avant-garde look.

                                    9. Black and White

                                      When in doubt about what colors to wear for a specific garment, betting on black and white never fails. This combo is what makes Jessica Alba looks stand out in public.

                                        10. Dare with the Color

                                          Black or burgundy shoes are much easier to match, and that's true! But as a spring idea, it may serve you well to go for pastel ballet flats like Dakota Johnson wears.   

                                          At Mujro, comfort and fashion are not at odds. Find out how you can wear handmade ballet flats and show off your fashion to the world.