All about Traditional Jutti Shoes and Best Ones on The Market

Styles that are woven into your daily life maybe contemporary, but factually, traditional go beyond these. Today’s shoes are a modern version of traditional shoes as these resemble the look, design, and finish. For this reason, they are highly appreciated worldwide. If you’re heading into a wedding in India or any of its neighboring regions or you have to attend a traditional themed event in your hometown, you’ll want to buy a set of dazzling juttis. 

What is Jutti?

The term “Jutti” is an Urdu word for a shoe with a partially closed upper attached to a sole. Jutii is a mix of Punjabi and typically Indian style, also known as “mojari and nagra”, worn mostly in North India.


Juttis was first used by the Mughals and was well-regarded among the kings and queens who contributed to the Indian history. Jutti or Nagra was significantly made in Rajasthan- the largest state of India, famous for its forts and palaces.

The Style of the jutti

Jutti, as compared to other traditional footwear, is far more ornate, rich in texture and design, which is adorned with gorgeous gems, stones, and precious pearls. Jutti underwent various transformations to give itself a unique appeal, but as per general rule, these have exquisite embroidery and additional embellishments. 

The Making

These are handcrafted out of pure leather by a skilled craftsman who belongs from Punjab. Inherently, the construction employs different workers from different communities. These are:

  • The Chamars- a person who processes raw hides, which is then used in conjunction with a vegetable dying process
  • The Rangaars- a person that color and paint components of the shoes
  • The Mochis – a person who put all the pieces together, do the stitching and embroidery

Different Types of Jutti

There are types of jutti that are popular on the market and that you can include in your everyday wardrobe. 

Note: All of these are Handcrafted Women’s Shoes that are perfect for any occasion, from casual events to dinner parties, festivities, and weddings.

  1. Printed juttis

Printed juttis are geometrically designed to create an ultra-feminine look. These go great with any kind of clothing – salwar-kurta, and you could even pair them up with jumpsuits and skater dresses. These have recently advanced their use. Team them up with “chinos” and become a new style guide for women.

  1. Ghungroo-fitted juttis

Ghungroos for girls are never too old, and so are the ghungroo-style juttis. Ghungroos for juttis can be used in several ways. Sometimes, two-three ghungroo layers are woven to the main design; otherwise, it’s a full thick Patti that completes the design.

  1. Pom pom Juttis

These are as fun, as they sound. All the creators of Jutti have these ones in their list for the right reason that these add a modern touch to traditional style. No wonder, these are a hot favorite among the jutti designers.

  1. Tie up Juttis

When trends meet traditions, it amazes the world. The same is the scenario with tie-up juttis. These are not less than an Oxford-style shoe that can either go with a short skirt, hot pants, or capris. These funky pair of juttis comes in plentiful styles and colors.  

  1. Denim juttis

Denim juttis are a new black. With that being said, they are best for creating the denim on denim look. These are a form of traditional Indian footwear that is typically made out of western fabric. These can suit the salwar-kurta and desi-style palazzo and practically anything.

  1. Mirror Work juttis

These have been lingering in the trend as these contain embellishments that help you gaze longer. With them, you need to be careful as mishandling these juttis can eliminate the embellishments and embroideries. These must be dry-cleaned only.

These are all the popular jutti styles that can be espoused for different occasions. Moreover, Mujro offers you jutti shoes and women’s ballet flats, including black flats, as the leading shoe styles. Shop now at