Loafers for Women: 15 Chic Tips

Our loafers are handmade shoes that go well with many outfits. However, their real charm is that they add an elegant touch to your outfit (even if you wear them with jeans). And at the same time, the masculine look sends a signal that you mean business. And we love it! Here we give you some ideas on these shoes. Loafers are comfortable, elegant, and the best shoes to take the next step in your life. Let us tell you how to wear loafers.

Loafers are not just Meant for Men

Believe it or not, women loafers have become one of the most current of fashion trends. Its feminine version brings elegance, security and comfort to any look. There are many models of women’s loafer shoes available: heeled, flat, printed, with platforms, without heel, etc. Wearing a pair of loafer women shoes is a classic as well as one of the trends of the moment. It is a type of footwear that men have always worn and that each season they are covered with a greater variety of models for women.

And, they Never go Out of Style!

Women's shoes are more comfortable to mix and match than you think. They go with urban, modern and casual style outfits – and they're comfortable. Here are a few perfect proposals to save your OTD (outfit of the day) with women loafers.

If you haven't decided on a particular look yet, don't worry, we've got some ideas for you to get stylish with your favorite loafers. Best of all, they adapt to any season, and occasion. 

  • Bejeweled women shoes

Jeweled loafers combine with all kinds of styles and best of all, they can transform an outfit in an interesting way. Loafer models with beading details, striking buckles, decorated heels flaunt a sophisticated and very feminine look. You can opt for bejeweled black loafers for womenThis pair is ideal for day and night.

  • The classic loafers

By classic loafers, we mean handmade shoesThey are perfect to wear to work. These loafers also go perfectly with skinny pants or capris so that the look is fresh and stylish. Fashionistas can also wear these loafers with a midi skirt, a pencil skirt or a dress and stockings. The most daring can wear socks with them, as well. Choose women's loafer styles in velvet, with embroidery, with buckles, metallic – all these styles are available in an assortment of colors.

  • Loafers with jeans for a relaxed look

Wear loafers with jeans, a trench coat and white dress blouse.

  • Loafers don't always have to be in dark tones

Opt for pink loafers with a floral dress this summer.

  • Tights are ideal

You can wear black loafers with striped leggings to go with the rest of your outfit. What say?

  • Add a blazer for an office look

Wear loafers with black tights and brown blazer.

  • The favorite pair of skinny jeans

The secret is to wear pants above the ankles to show them off. Wear loafers with plaid jacket jeans and white blouse.

  • Fringes add a vintage touch to any shoe

Wear fringed women loafers with white pants and grey cardigan.

  •  Oxford loafers give a masculine air to your style

Wear lace-up oxford style loafers with a pink blouse, green skirt or pants, and a black trench coat. Accessorize your get-up with some cute trinkets to bring out the feminine touch.

  • They go formal so you can use them at work

Wear loafers with a white blouse, trousers, and a trench coat (depending on the season) for a meeting at work.

  • With loafers, get an avant-garde look

Wear loafers with jeans and a navy blue sweater.

  • They are the balance for any black and white outfit

Wear loafers with white pants and a black blouse. Add a coat for a fall outfit.

  • Get the most out of your loafers with a leather jacket

Wear black loafers with jeans, T-shirt, and a leather jacket. Choose a faux fur leather jacket to add some punk.

  • You can use them with a T-shirt to look casual

Wear loafers with shirt, and jeans. Add a large handbag, glasses and a scarf for a more feminine look.

  • Combine them with striped pants to define your body

Wear loafers with striped zebra or animal print pants, any top, and a blazer. A hat can be a refreshing complement to your outfit.