Mules: The Most Wanted Shoes Of 2020

We like to follow the new fashion trends, be it for clothes, hair, or makeup. We do the same for shoes, too. Hollow and with that sophisticated cut that never goes unnoticed, we predict that women's flat mules will be the star shoes and the most sought after in 2020

Mules for sale: Step up a Casual look

Mules, footwear that stepped out of the shadows last year, are again a trend in 2020. We love women's mules in different patterns and textures because they complete the style you want your daily outfit to exude – without having to giving up on comfort. Mules are not new in town, but we can affirm that they are living their moment in the limelight now. Formerly trendy in the 90s, updated mules are back with stylistic twists.

Take a step further with versatile women's flat mules.

Celebrities, influencers, fashion bloggers, and many of us wear mules simply because they go with everything. Mules have conquered social networks, stores, and street style and are worn flat, with heels, straps, embroidered, handmade, etc. And the best thing is that they are always a good option for wearing to work, for a dinner date or for a family brunch. They look good with dresses, all kinds of pants, midi skirts – everything, really.

Women’s flat mules are here to stay!

The mules will be, once again, the most wanted footwear of the year 2020, and we warn you that you will not take them off your list of trendy shoes until the fall. At Mujro, mules shoes for sale has a hollow cut as its hallmark and greatest feature. Now when the retro and the 90s style continues to climb positions, from haircuts and hairstyles to fashion, makeup, and accessories, in footwear, it was not going to be less with mules. So ditch your chunky slippers today!

Among the mules that will be worn the most in this spring/summer of 2020, the padded ones stand out. You can also opt for handmade embroidered women mules, wearing the classic design with style. This latest trend will enhance any move towards sophistication, so take note.

Reasons to wear flat mules

Mules are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes around. There are more women who use them for their day-to-day wear than otherwise. If you're still unconvinced to buy a pair of women's flat mules, we give you several reasons to do so below.

  • ComfortableWomen's mules adapt easily to the feet. Since the material is quite flexible, it also allows your feet to breathe, which prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
  • Versatility: This pair of shoes is easy to combine with different trends. It is very practical to create outfits around them. If you prefer the classics, you can choose a neutral color. But if you like other shades you can buy pink mules.
  • Timeless: Mules are shoes that can be worn in almost all seasons of the year. They are perfect for fall, spring, and summer.
  • Never go out of style: If you have a pair of women's mules you will see that they are not shoe that go out of fashion. It is one of the classics that both young and old alike, use.

Trends to follow in 2020

Mules are footwear that should not be missing from a woman's wardrobe. Well, they are a basic that is easy to combine and adapt to many styles. Here we tell you about some trends that you should know with which to make combinations and look fashionable.

Vintage style

If you are a lover of the classic and the fashions that are coming back, such as high waist pants, this is going to delight you. You can create a vintage look with jeans at the waist, a tied buttoned-down shirt and mules. You can also combine them with lace dresses for a more romantic look.

At work

Mules for work wear are ideal for women who like to stay elegant. They work perfectly if you have a formal dress code at work but don't want to wear heels. An easy way is to wear a shirt, blazer and dress pants.

Strong colors and patent leather

Another trend that has set the tone is strong colors and patent leather. So if you are one of those who like to be unconventional, check out mules shoes for sale online. This style is perfect for you.