Punjabi Juttis: Best Handcrafted Women's Shoes

Punjabi jutti shoes are the best choice for the festive season when you want to enjoy the event to the fullest – either you want to participate in all activities or rock the stage, Juttis save you from standing in a corner and cursing your heels.

Jutti shoes have this capability of glamming up any of your outfits. They are very versatile and comfortable; therefore, you can wear in the festive season and also at regular professional outings. Jutti shoes for ladies come in every possible color and design. This diversity of Punjabi jutti shoes makes it a perfect choice of footwear for both social life and professional life.

History Of Punjabi Jutti Shoes

Jutti is a Hindi word, but jutti shoes are one of the most common footwear of India, specifically in Punjab; therefore, it is called as Punjabi jutti shoes. They are originated from the Mughal era and considered as the most preferred shoe style of kings and queens.

Any style which has a traditional touch to it through its historical background itself increases its popularity among people. Punjabi jutti shoes for ladies are also considered as a revised version of traditional and ethnic shoes of the past. They have revolutionized over time but still have the sense and feel of 400 years old India royalty.

Handcrafted Artistry

We live in a world where people check the prices of every product before looking at any other thing. But in the case of shoes, people prefer shoes of high quality over their cheap counterparts. The population has increased, and it has forced the sellers to make machine-made shoes in enormous numbers because of the high supply and demand issue. It has affected the demand and sale of handcrafted shoes. However, still, some people specifically demand handcrafted women's or men's shoes because of their much superior quality in contrast to machine-made shoes.

Punjabi jutti shoes are one of the best examples of handcrafted women's shoes. They are mostly handmade by highly professional artisans. Fine leather is used in its making while all the embroidery with threads and other things give it the royal feel of the Mughal Era.

Revolution of  Jutti Shoes

Punjabi jutti shoes are quite famous all over India, but to keep them in trend, designers had to bring revolution in jutti making and styling so that it keeps trending among the youth and also become a worldwide footwear trend. Different designs, attachments, and patterns have been introduced to attract more audiences globally. From any part of the world now, you can easily find juttis online; there will jutti shoes for ladies right in front of your eyes in every color you might wish for and every design you might like.

Working women going through a stressful routine and don't get much time for fashion choices. Punjabi jutti shoes fulfill everyone's need to look somewhat different. Businesswomen now don't have to worry about staying in discomfort throughout the day as Punjabi jutti shoes are comfortable, and you can wear them for the whole day. You can directly attend any party without thinking of changing your shoes after work—Jutti shoe suits almost all kinds of attires.

Punjabi Juttis Taking Over The World

Ballerina shoes have been popular around the world for a very long time. Punjabi jutti shoes are the perfect ethnic replacement of ballerina shoes. The authentic visual appeal of ladies' jutti shoes has forced the fashion world to take notes from them. Even though there is still a lot to improve and innovate to increase its reach furthermore, but the world has already started imitating Punjabi jutti shoes with their touch.

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