5 Reasons To Wear Comfortable Oxford Shoes

Do you know how the oxford shoes came about? When bringing up classic shoes, you mustn't forget to mention them. This shoe model of English origin is considered a sample of authentic craftsmanship. The fame of oxford shoes led them to become ambassadors for firms such as Crockett and Jones. Later, the Rangers, a volunteer unit of the British Army, adopted these shoes to become part of their uniform. As time went by, oxford shoes became associated with hunters throughout the countryside. Their thick skins and durable soles protected hunters from moisture and bad weather. Moreover, all these things matters and these shoes were reliable as they are the best handmade shoes.

After decades of improvement in England and across the globe, these days, oxford shoes for women and men are considered a symbol of style and elegance. In fact, women's lace-up oxford shoes are a must-have in 2020. Let’s find out more on this.

Oxford Shoes Variants

There are several variants for oxford shoes, but they can be grouped into three categories:

  • The simplest variant is the plain oxford. Each shoe is single stitched and does not have perforations.
  • The second variant is the semi brogue oxford. Each shoe has a half-sewn, patterned, traditional look.
  • The third variant is called the full brogue oxford, where each shoe has a die-cut toe and sides with the top adorned with dots or a drawing.

5 Reasons for Women to Wear Oxford Shoes

These shoes belong to the so-called “British” style, a trend characterized by its classic and aristocratic airs. Like puffy hats, hounds tooth coats, and the Prince of Wales print, oxford shoes are part of fashion that symbolizes elegant English style.

This year, the fever for female oxford shoes is rising and is once again becoming a classic trend. Our women's lace up oxford shoes will not go unnoticed this fall or winter season. We did not want to be the only ones who ignored them. So, let us give you the top 5 reasons why you should have at least one pair of oxfords in your closet.

    1. You can pair female oxford shoes with almost any look

      You can combine them with skinny pants, a pencil skirt, or an autumn dress: they will look good on you. However, don't even think about wearing them with a tracksuit or tights to go to the gym. Why? It could end up giving some Halloween costume vibe

        2. Comfortable oxford shoes for women

          What can be more comfortable than leather shoes with laces? If you don't believe it, try women's lace-up oxford shoes, and you'll agree with us.

            3. Elegance overflow

              Since the 1930s when Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, surprised high society by going to play golf with oxfords on, these have become a symbol of elegance and distinction. And, in this era, the award goes to oxford shoes for women.

                4. They are Shoes with a Past

                  Oxford shoes were regarded as authentic pieces of craftsmanship. Over the years, they have been worn and altered by very different people: from Oxford university students to the Rangers who used them as a part of their uniform to Irish peasants who are credited with perforating their oxfords. 

                    5  They are a Classic

                      Even if ten years pass, you can continue to use oxfords without anyone thinking they are out of fashion because the classics never go out of style.

                      Buy Comfortable Oxford Shoes for Women

                      Oxford shoes for women can be a double-edged sword if you are not integrating them with your every-day style. If you are determined to get oxford shoes for women, but you have not yet decided on the model, why not give cheap oxford shoes for women a try before going on to more expensive pairs? Discover the best of this season.