Why Extra Cushion Shoes Are Good For Back Pain

Choosing the ideal and perfect shoes to create an enviable overall look may seem like a complicated task. We are usually guided more by their beauty (the color, the shape they have, whether or not they go with the clothes we have chosen to wear) than by their comfort. And that is undoubtedly a mistake. The case is rectified when wearing extra cushion handcrafted women's shoes

Did you know that the way we walk can significantly affect our health? Especially when it comes to our backs? And in this sense, the shoes we wear have a lot to do with it. How can we choose the right shoes? High heels, sneakers, flat sandals, ballerinas? Well … what about beautifully handcrafted women's shoes made with love?

Why Should you Buy Extra Cushion Shoes Online?

Before knowing which extra cushion shoes will best adapt to your body to prevent backaches, find out what key characteristics all good shoes have in common. Remember that your health is most important; once you wear the right shoes, they will significantly reduce the pain.

  • The necessary cushioning: insoles in the shoes can help you avoid back pain. How is this possible? The insoles are capable of promoting comfort as it helps the footwear adapt better to your feet.
  • Shoes to protect your feet: wide open shoes do not come highly recommended. The reason is that, in addition to providing support to your feet, it is necessary to protect them from external agents that you find on the street.
  • Foot support: shoes need to hold correctly. In this way we avoid walking with bad posture (which we would have by making too much muscular effort to keep the shoes to the feet.


The Best Footwear for your Back Pain

  • Avoid chafing and blisters: by wearing extra cushion shoes, you will reduce foot pain, and avoid possible chafing, and blisters.
  • Firm sole and low weight:shoes that weigh too much can also affect your muscles, causing them to over strain. The right shoes should have firm soles, but be light-weight as well.
  • Posture when walking:Keep your back straight when you walk. Remember that how you walk will depend mainly on the type of shoes you wear.

Pay attention to all the tips we've listed to choose the most comfortable ones for your feet, and avoid lumbar or back pain.

Shoes to Avoid

  • Say goodbye to heels

Indeed, very high and very thin heels can cause real harm to your back. The reason: heels make the feet slide forward, pushing the weight of the body to the front, and arching the back. The front of your feet and your back take your body's weight, hence the pain.

  • Shoes that are too flat

Extremes are never good, and like high shoes, excessively flat shoes are not recommended for your health. The use of flip flops, sandals or flats is why many experience foot or back pain the summer months.

At Mujro, we want to help you and know that our extra cushion shoes are ideal for preventing back pain. Buy extra cushion shoes online.