Why Handcrafted Women’s Shoes Are So Popular

Handcrafted Women's Shoes

Handcrafted women's shoes spell exclusivity in every way. To fit the feet, the shoes go through an elaborate shoe making process. Made of leather, fabric, felt, among other various fabrics, our handcrafted women's shoes come more or less with open insteps, and soles which consist of a thicker material. It is worth noting that the most renowned shoe brands are of European, Italian, Spanish or English origin. The shoe making is done entirely manually, in addition to how the material is chosen.

How Shoes Came Into Being

Basically, shoes were created by our ancestors thousands of years ago, with the intention of providing protection and comfort to their feet so they could carry out their activities. The day was still far away when its design and fabric would be influenced by fashion. These days, shoes are made up different external and internal materials ranging from natural to synthetic leathers, other fabrics, and plastics. In addition, they acquire many forms, each one with different peculiarities and with a different goal in mind. The term "shoes" includes sandals, boots, clogs, jutti shoesetc.

Mujro’s Punjabi Jutti Shoes

Do you want fashionable women's shoes for this season without sacrificing on quality and price? Do you want your style to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time? Are you looking for trendy shoes? Discover the Punjabi jutti shoes collection at Mujro, because style begins with the feet.

Juttis online: find the model you're looking for

What woman doesn't like shoes? Which girl does not want to adopt a trend without giving up comfort and without spending too much? At Mujro, we make your dreams come true. Buy fashionable, affordable, and quality jutti shoes here, this season.

Do you want to discover them?

Footwear is essential when it comes to completing a successful look. Style begins at the feet. At our online store you have a wide variety of models to select from for all tastes and sizes. Our jutti designs are based on the most current trends and are part of the IT girl trends of the moment.

Punjabi jutti shoes have become one of the more popular shoes for women. And they are the perfect option for comfortable daily wear, without losing the glamour. If you want to give your style an even more original touch, go for embroidered Jutti’s. You can pair them up with skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black blazer for a perfect look out and about. If you want an evening look without foregoing comfort, go for our Martini Juttis.

Jutti shoes in fashion for several seasons

These Juttis come in royal to flamboyant selections that are ideal for special occasions where we want to be more traditional than ever before. With a black dress you don't need more than Juttis to dazzle. And if you want something more comfortable, but very chic, choose our Paris Juttis.

Tips for wearing Punjabi jutti shoes

Just like any other pair of shoes, handcrafted women's shoes also have criteria for choosing and wearing them. Some of the most important tips are:

  • Create a harmonious color palette: Combine colors carefully. Try not to mix more than two patterns at once.
  • Choose the ones you like the most: In the  end, fashion is a matter of taste. Select the ones that click with your taste.
  • Select good material: Leather is one of the best materials for footwear. If you want durable shoes, these are the ideal material for them

At Mujro, we distinguish ourselves from other stores by offering fashion and quality at a reasonable price. And it is that our motto is to go on-trend, but without spending too much. We want to make it easy for you. We offer you the latest trends in juttis online to add to the shoe collection you've always wanted.

We offer you our handmade shoes collection of Punjabi jutti shoes for all events and occasions – weddings, parties, meetings, picnics, etc. Create your own outfits with trendy shoes that will make you stand out even while wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Buy trendy juttis online that will make you shine like a star.