Why You Should Wear Extra-Cushioned Shoes

Wearing extra-cushioned shoes is a good way to improve your posture and relieve back pain. Extra cushion shoes are footwear specifically designed to help reduce or eliminate feet problems that you may be suffering from while providing excellent support when you walk. They cushion every step, improve blood circulation and help align the spine. Mujro's handmade shoes (extra cushion) should be worn every day and not after a problem or foot condition is identified.

Extra cushion shoes do not cause or result in any pain and do not need to be prescribed by a general physician, orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist, first. You can buy a comfy pair in your size.

The Evolution of Extra Cushioned Shoes

Until a few years ago, extra cushion shoes were made without a thought to aesthetic appeal, so people didn't wear them even if they needed them. Today, there is a variety of styles and designs to choose from that best suit your taste, such as juttis with extra cushion soles (available at Mujro).

Thus, the reason to choose from this category of handmade shoes is undoubtedly the relief of and reduction of foot or ankle pain. If an individual suffers an injury or has delicate feet, this type of footwear is ideal for daily wear, to improve their condition. You can avoid pain caused by walking or standing for long periods of time in heels or other uncomfortable shoes.

Finally, thanks to extra-cushioned shoesyou can treat problems like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, back pain and many more. Even diabetics must wear such shoes on a daily basis to protect their delicate feet. You can find different options you can find here, at Mujro.

Juttis with extra cushion soles

Our juttis with extra cushion soles are designed to relieve joint stress, improve stability, and help facilitate foot movement. With a deep, wide-toe design, they reduce pressure on bunions and hammertoes. With soft, seamless and foam-padded inner linings, these shoes reduce pressure points on your feet. They offer superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet, for individuals grappling with diabetes, nephropathy or rheumatoid arthritis. These are slip-on shoes designed with essential support and panels to help when walking. We list several reasons why you should wear juttis with extra cushion soles.

  • The selection of our handmade shoes is designed with a flexible, cushioned outsole and a lightweight, breathable upper. 
  • Fashionable enough to use in combination with most outfits.
  • Light and durable enough for daily wear. The upper is made of breathable material, perfect for all seasons and outdoor activities.
  • Its air cushion design gives comfort to the wearer with every step they take. 
  • The soles have excellent grip for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Designed with premium insoles and anatomical arch support and cushioning heel pads that adjust to the contours of the feet during walks.
  • The versatile jutti shoes relieve stress on the joints while improving stability and helping you move about easily. 
  • Their innovative design and features not only take care of your feet but also complement your style.

5 benefits of buying handmade shoes

1. Raw materials are of the highest quality. Compared to industrial manufacturing, which needs cost-cutting to be viable, the shoemaker only works with the best raw materials to make shoes by hand. These materials provide both functional and aesthetic benefits since they are more resistant, adapt better to our skin, and more attractive.

2. The finish of each shoe is optimal. The shoemaker is not only makes the shoes by hand, they dedicate the time needed to finish and put out a quality product. This level of dedication is impossible when it comes to manufacturing a pair of shoes using machines.

3. Handmade shoes are resistant and durable. The raw materials and the finish ensure the shoes will last for years to come.

4. Each pair of handmade shoes is unique. The design and construction ensure the special feeling each person gets who wears them. It makes your style unique. You can set trends!

5. Handmade footwear is the most comfortable. They have a touch of exclusivity thanks to the raw materials used and how they were made. At Mujro, our shoes are designed to be timeless.