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1 product

Want to make a statement this season? Get Mujro’s Loafer Women Shoes, and you’re well on your way! These ethnic Indian Oxford Loafers for women's fashion are hip and boho chic at the same time. Artisanal manufacturing and the best material are used to produce each pair of Mujro shoes. Quality and style combined make them successful among girls and women around the world.

  • Ethnic Mujro Loafer Women Shoes

    • The style that best represents Mujro is boho and casual, and its icon is the Oxford Loafers for women with an ethnic twist through traditional prints and colors. Our handmade, handcrafted shoe models vary each season with the details and decorations that make the difference. One of these details that attract the most and that never fail are the classic prints and perky colors, providing the boho touch of India.
  • Buy trend-setting Oxford Loafers for Women

    • While many say they are male-inspired, women still love and dare to wear them. Fashionistas and Hollywood celebrities are big fans of loafers. Very versatile, you can wear them with baggy and relaxed ankle jeans with a semi-tucked white blouse for an "effortless," yet a fashionable look.
  • Whatever the Model it is a Trend-Setter

    • The range of mustard, lime, brown, along with navy or gray tones, are the best-selling Loafer Women Shoes at Mujro. In the Oxford Loafers Women’s collection, it is the ethnic detail in the block prints that appeal to customers. Going out for a casual get-together, or to work, loafers go well with nearly any outfit you choose.
    • In Mujro, the Oxford Loafers Women’s collection is a must-see – and a must-buy. Block prints are what give the Mujro Oxford loafers an Indian and folksy touch. Our stylish models are ideal for combining with printed suits or dresses, and in mode all year long. You can even wear them with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual look. They are perfect, stylish, and comfortable and give an urbane touch to your everyday outfit.