Women Mules

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2 products

Did you know that women's mules were worn in the 1900s? Today, at Mujro, women's flat mules have made a comeback with a bang!

  • Women’s Mule Shoes

    • Today there are countless types of mules available, but they all have two things in common: they are shoes that have no back and are often closed-toed. The name "mule," comes from the Latin word "mulleus," which refers to a type of ceremonial shoe.
  • Discover the Magic of Comfortable Mules

    • Mules can be sporty or fancy; often they are somewhere in the middle. They may be high-heeled, low heeled, or chunky-heeled, but if their backs are open and their toes are closed, they are mules.
    • In the early 1950s, the world saw Marilyn Monroe popularizing the mule shoe trend. Mules are popular with women because they are convenient and suitable for nearly any occasion. What can be easier than putting on and taking off a shoe without a back? In a world where women's shoes often have all kinds of straps and buckles and are sometimes actually confusing to put on, it's comforting to know there is one type that you can easily slip into!
    • Mules can be matched with many different outfits, and whether summer or winter, they are here to stay. Typically, this type of footwear is used in the spring and summer, but it is increasingly common to see celebrities wearing comfort mules in the winter.
    • Are you looking for fashion and comfort at the same time? It’s possible with slipper mules. Check out our gorgeous collection of mule shoes for sale.
  • Why Mujro Flat Mules for Women

      • Wide range of models and colors to choose from
      • Extra light, breathable, flexible soles that cushion the feet
      • Comfortable, durable women's shoes
      • Classic and attractive models
    • Mujro boasts having great collections of mules, or shoes for sale. Order mules online from Mujro, today!