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6 products

Check out the latest collection of classic and timeless oxford shoes for women at Mujro. Explore an exotic range of handmade shoes in the USA in our store online.

  • Oxford Shoes Women’s Collection

    • Women’s lace up oxford shoes are an inspiration taken from the men's line. The history of women's lace up oxfords dates back to Ireland, where these shoes became fashionable in the town of Oxford, hence its name.
    • Have you checked out Katy Perry, who has adopted the oxford shoe trend for its great comfort and avant-garde look? Mujro’s cheap Oxford shoes women’s collection give an elegant and very sophisticated touch to garments such as skirts, shorts, dresses or pants. If it is daytime, it is recommended to use them in a single color, accompanying them with wide and pleated pants, a masculine shirt, preferably in white, and the final touch with a nice blazer. And for a night out, these Oxfords can be two-tone and heeled.
  • Comfortable Oxford Shoes Women’s Collection

    • What sets female Oxford shoes apart from others is the specific method of manufacturing. The two leather flaps with perforations for the laces are sewn under the instep, rather than at the top. It is tied with laces. Most Oxford shoes have five holes on each side, while American Oxfords often have six.
    • At Mujro, we only use the best cowhide, with stitched, insulated soles and a leather interior lining. We manufacture and design the best and most comfortable oxford shoes to accompany you throughout your life.
    • Celebrities like Taylor Swift has given a boost to these shoes. Thanks to the style of combining them with shorts and skater skirts. If you are very into the boho style, it is a law that you have at least one pair of Oxford shoes. They look fabulous with floral designs, loose hair, and a laid-back attitude.
    • What are you waiting for? Shop handmade shoes in the USA at Mujro today!